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Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation, INC. (CRD) has been in business in Pagosa Springs, Colorado since 2008 and is recognized as a leading contractor by both public and private sectors.We have established a reputation for uncompromised quality; reliability and value.

We specialize in all phases of earth moving, grading, snow removal and excavation. We service the needs of any customer ranging from residential, commercial, civil, agricultural, decorative and repair.We strive to provide the most cost effective site solution for any project.

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A local option for Pagosa Springs excavation projects.

For the most thorough and detailed excavation and demolition work in Pagosa Springs, few firms can compare to Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC. Built with quality as our primary focus, our reputation for flawless work stretches far and wide.

With us, you get a service-oriented excavation partner that knows what it means to deliver top notch solutions, meet deadlines, and follow your project specifications. We value your business and will work hard to ensure you call us the next time you have an excavation job.

Contact Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC at 970-264-3478 for peerless excavation work at affordable prices.

Our Services

A Wide Range of Services

Encompassing all forms of residential, commercial, and industrial excavation work, click the Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC services to the below to learn more about what we do.

At Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC, excavation is what we do, pure and simple. From residential backfilling to trenching for utility installations, we've completed nearly every excavation job imaginable in Pagosa Springs and we're always up for a new challenge. In dealing with us, you have an excavation partner that knows what needs to be done and is ready for even complex tasks.

The difference that we bring to your Pagosa Springs excavation project is our impressive level of expertise and service. We sincerely want to deliver the exact results you want - and it shows. Our excavation team will do everything in their power to understand the specifics of your job and Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC will always go the extra mile to ensure it's done right.

Whether you're clearing a lot to prepare for an upcoming Pagosa Springs construction, removing debris, or landscaping, we'll take care of every last detail, including any necessary permits and a final walkthrough before the job is considered done. Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC is your experienced expert for excavations of all types and sizes.

Step up to Pagosa Springs's premier excavation firm by calling 970-264-3478 and speaking to an associate at Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC.

Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation, Inc. is equipped to handle any demolition project, from small scale to complex. Our experienced team has the necessary equipment needed to complete the project safely and effectively.

CRDE offers affordable demolition services by the hour and estimates are free. From complete structural demolition to interior, soft demolition, Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation, Inc., has you covered.

If there's one job where you need a professional, it's grading. At Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC, we're grading experts and have serviced the greater Pagosa Springs area with grading jobs of all shapes and sizes, including rough grading, finish grading, hillside grading, and more. Residential, commercial, and industrial property owners know to call us when quality is what's needed.

As having a solid foundation to work on is of paramount importance, even small mistakes could severely affect your construction or landscaping immensely. Our grading team will start with a full survey of the site and develop a plan that includes soil compaction, water drainage, and future utility infrastructure needs.

Because grading is a specialized skill, some Pagosa Springs companies may charge an arm and a leg for grading work, but with Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC, we'll guarantee that you'll never experience price-gouging or overcharging in any form. All of our rates will be clearly explained before the work starts and we encourage clients to compare us with others in the area to see the value we offer.

Don't compromise your grading quality with an inexperienced company - call Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC at 970-264-3478 for Pagosa Springs's most qualified grading expert.

  • Earth Moving and Grading
  • Foundations/Building Pads
  • Road Construction and Repair
  • Pond Construction
  • Rock Hammering
  • Snow Removal

Dump Truck Hauling:

We offer hauling services for fill dirt, sand, gravel, ground asphalt, and brush to and from your location. We can deliver your load to a site you own or a local dump site.

Licensed Sewer System Installer

Underground Utility Installation:

Our team knows firsthand that dealing with underground utilities - they must function properly and remain structurally sound for decades - requires accuracy and precision, combined with state-of-the-art technology. Our services include gas systems, water mains, and electric lines.

There are countless situations in Pagosa Springs where professional land clearing may be needed, ranging from clearing a lot for a new house to road construction to massive clearing options that prepare land for a new subdivision. Regardless of the size of your land clearing job, Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC is ready to deliver quality work that sets the stage for your plans.

The talented Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC team has experience working in residential and commercial settings and has performed countless full lot clearings for both. Our land clearing specialists are complimented by a full selection of top-level equipment, including bulldozers, bush cutters, hauling trucks, grading machines, chainsaws, and much more.

As one of the first jobs to be done on any Pagosa Springs development project, you need a local partner that will make sure the lot or land clearing work gets done on time. At Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC, we're well aware of how important it is to stay on schedule and our team will arrive ready to work effectively and efficiently every day we're on the site.

Get a professional Pagosa Springs land clearing company you can trust by calling Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC at 970-264-3478.

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Conveniently located with service to the greater Pagosa Springs area, Colorado Rock & Dirt Excavation INC is available for excavation jobs of all shapes and sizes.

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